The International Center of Russian Language - РГГУ.РУ
The International Center of Russian Language

The International Center of Russian Language is a special academic and research department of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH) dedicated to teaching foreigners Russian language and about Russian culture.

Comprehensive Goals of the RL Center:

  • To provide foreign students with the linguistic foundation needed to pursue an education in the humanities in Russia
  • To prepare foreign students for successful intercultural communication across different spheres of everyday and professional life
  • To promote RSUH’s integration into the international academic community

For over 20 years, students from a variety of backgrounds have studied at the RL Center. These have included:

  • Groups of students on study abroad programs
  • Students from foreign universities studying Russian at European and American universities preparing for language for exams
  • Foreign graduate students and visiting scholars performing academic research
  • Foreign teachers, translators, and journalists seeking to improve their professional qualifications
  • Foreign professionals and specialists in business, journalism, politics, etc., who wish to overcome the linguistic difficulties encountered in their work
  • Travellers, tourists, and foreign students on vacation who want to better understand the linguistic and cultural characteristics of Russia
  • Foreign citizens preparing for certification exams required to enter Russian universities, work at some international organizations, or receive citizenship in the Russian Federation

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