General Information

The Academic Library was established in 1991, simultaneously with the creation of Russian State University for the Humanities.

The Library collection incorporates the Moscow State Institute for History and Archives and Higher Party School’s libraries.

Moscow State Institute for History and Archives was founded in 1931 and started his own library collection in 1934. The collection included books from the USSR Central Archive Office, among them old Slavonic manuscripts, about 800 Russian Type books, lifetime editions and rare reprints of works by famous Russian scientists and public persons of the XVIII - XX centuries, unique book collections of public scientific organizations (Imperial Society of Devotees of Natural Science, Anthropology, and Ethnography, archive libraries, Moscow Archive of the Ministry of Justice,  Ministry Archive of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, etc). These collections became the foundation of Library’s Rare Books Department. It presently contains over 27,000 books, manuscripts and periodicals.

Moscow City People’s University, founded in 1908 on the initiative of the eminent Russian patron of the arts, Alfons Shanyavsky, played a special role in Russian higher education and particularly in the history of Russian State University for the Humanities. It was then that the book collection of RSUH was initiated. In 1912 the University and its library occupied the building on Miusskaya Square. The library grew with donations from famous Russian educators: Amfiteatrov, Chuprov, Shanyavsky, the Sabashnikov brothers, Yakushkin, Shanin, Viktorov, and others. Now these rare collections are a point of pride of the Library.

The successors of the Library were several organizations, the latest of them being the Higher Party School.

History itself has combined these unique funds into a single library that serves the modern humanities.

Currently, the Library of RSUH maintains and continues to develop the traditions of education laid down at the beginning of the 20th century by Alfons Leonovich Shanyavsky, who believed in the integrity of knowledge and the future of humanitarian education.


Come to the Library office of your Faculty with your student ID and fill out the application which can be obtained in the Library or download from its website.

By signing the agreement you agree to the Terms of Use of the Library.

Your data will be entered into our database, and we will glue a barcode on your student’s ID. You will also be provided with a password to access the electronic resources of the Library.

The location of your Library office can be found in our Library guide.

In order to be able to take books out, you will need to sign an agreement.

Here is our schedule. The days off are Sundays and state holidays. We are also closed every third Friday of the month. Information on changes in the schedule is published on the Library website.

Yes, you can.

Come to the Library and we will replace it (for a 20R fee!).

Write a message to our administrator in the VKontakte library group, indicating your full name. They will find you in the database and send you the number.

No, you need to present your student card, which you should always carry with you anyway.

Yes, you better do it, especially if it is your graduation year. Come to the Library and we’ll take care of this.

Yes, we have a special desk for it.

Sorry, only the reading rooms are open. But better check online.

No, all literature must be returned at the end of the spring semester.

Yes, you can purchase a subscription for 1 day or 1 month. It will give you access to the reading room and to all the electronic resources of the Library. Price list and other services can be found here. By the way, many book in our electronic library are free to read by anyone.

Yes, but you need to open a book takeout point. This can be done in the Library.

They can use the reading room and electronic resources.

Contact the on-duty employee. You will need to present your student ID card, and if your library card does not indicate any late fees, Internet access will be opened for you.