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Международная деятельность   International Relations Department

International Relations Department

The RSUH International Relations Department as an element of the RSUH educational, research and innovational development was founded in 1994 for coordination and practical realization of international cooperation with foreign partners. Our primary goal is to encourage the RSUH integration into the world research, educational and informational field.

Today the RSUH cooperates with more than 120 partners worldwide, among which are Great Britain, Germany, Italy, the USA, France, Sweden, Egypt, South Korea, Japan, Canada, Poland, etc.

Today at the RSUH there are 15 joint education and research centers, 2 institutes and 22 international specializations which connect our University with leading educational institutions from all over the world. RSUH international centers have 26 foreign partners and more than 500 students.

Educational methods in international centers are focused on professional training of students from different divisions which provide international specializations such as Division for Archival Studies, Division for History, Political Science and Law, Division for History and Philology, Division for Theoretical and Applies Linguistics, Division for Management, Division for History of Art and Division for Sociology.

International Centers have unique collections of books and information materials (more then 14000 exemplars) which help students to learn more about their specializations and to deepen their knowledge of foreign cultures, traditions, history and languages.

With the help of foreign embassies and active student participation, International Relations Department organizes different cultural and research activities such as exhibitions, conferences, concerts, presentations of famous writers and days of national cultures, etc. Cultural Cooperation with foreign partners gives a wonderful opportunity to learn more about national  traditions and customs, history and languages of different countries.


International Relations Department consists of 4 subdivisions:

1. Department for International Cooperation deals with:

-         admission of foreign students

-         realization of academic mobility of the RSUH students and faculty

-         coordination of ERASMUS MUNDUS project

-         processing of foreign business trips for the RSUH faculty and staff

-         processing of foreign scholarships for the RSUH students

-         preparation of draft agreements with foreign partner Universities


2. Department for Foreign Students deals with foreign students and organizes their study process at the RSUH divisions and at the Center for Russian as a Foreign Language, including:


-         conclusion of agreements for admission of foreign students

-         issue of necessary documents (student ID, permission documents for work at Russian libraries and research funds, certificates)

-         organization of Summer and Winter programs

-         accommodation at the RSUH dormitory

-        meeting of staff and students at airports


3. Visa Department provides organizational and passport and visa support for participants of international research conferences, symposiums, seminars, including:


-         processing of invitations at Federal Migration Service for foreign undergraduate and postgraduate students, professors and researches

-         processing of visas for foreign business trips (For the RSUH staff)

-         processing of invitations and business visas for foreign teachers

-         registration of duration of stay and extension of visas for foreign students and researches

-         registration and extension of duration of stay for CIS citizens


4. Department for Coordination of International Activity deals with:


-         preparation and organization of international conferences and seminars

-         organization of joint cultural activities with the help of foreign embassies

-         organization of public lectures of international professors, public figures and politicians


Our Contacts


Head of International Relations Department – Ivan I. Eliseev

Tel: +7 (495) 250 65 11; +7 (495) 250 71 95

Fax: + (495) 251 08 98

E-mail: ivanel2008@yandex.ru; umsrggu@yandex.ru


Department for International Cooperation


Olesya V. Egorova – Head for Department for International Cooperation

Tel: +7 (495) 250 65 31

Fax: +7 (495) 973-48-60



Department for Foreign Students


Irina Zabilishinskaya- Expert of Department for Foreign Students

Tel: +7 (495) 250 65 16

Fax: +7 (495) 251-10-70



Visa Department


Marina N. Safronova - Head of Visa Department

Tel: +7 (495) 250 63 54

Fax: +7 (495) 251-10-70

E-mail: safronovam@mail.ru


Department for Coordination of International Activity


Ludmila I. Makeeva - Head of Department for Coordination of International Activity

Tel: +7 (495) 250 65 03

Fax: +7 (495) 250-65-76

E-mail: welcome@rggu.ru